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Mental Fitness & Professional Development

Coaching & Consulting Services 

for any stage in your life & career 

Mental Fitness is a foundational concept that breathes its way through all of my coaching.

Listed below are coaching areas available to you as we partner on the journey together.

All coaching work is customized to YOU -> Where you are and where you want to go!

Career progression & professional development

  • Taking control of your own career

  • From internship to C-Suite
  • Your current industry or transitioning to something new

Empowering the Introvert

  • Developing confidence 
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Believing in the value you bring to the table

  • Honoring who you are 

Women’s Leadership & Empowerment

  • Enhancing your confidence
  • Knowing your value
  • Having your voice heard


  • How do you want to be known

  • Personally & Professionally

  • Packaging your wonderful story
  • Being memorable for the right reasons

Interview Preparation 

  • Presenting your best self

  • Virtually, in-person & thru your resume

  • Exploratory, informational & job interview prep
  • Mock interviews & role plays

Networking & building relationships

  • Embracing the opportunity to engage

  • With professional and/or social contacts

  • Getting comfortable on the 2-way street

  • Understanding the power & value of your network
  • Increasing your capacity to respond to life’s challenges - personally & professionally - with a positive rather than negative mindset
  • Turning your insights into action and creating healthy and productive habits for sustainable change
  • Peace of mind / wellness
  • Peak performance
  • Healthy relationships

Creating your Vision Board!

  • Allowing yourself to envision what you want

  • Identifying what limiting beliefs might be in your way
  • Turning vision into reality

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment Tool

All coaching work is customized to YOU -

Where you are and where you want to go!

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