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"I am so happy I worked with Liz to help me change the direction of my career. She intently listened and guided me to re-conceptualize my skill set. Her practical exercises were insightful as it showed me that I was way more marketable than I had initially thought.

With her guidance, I completely re-designed my resume in a way that I would never have conceived.

She also held me accountable, which motivated me to continue with my job search.

I found a new job shortly after working with Liz. I highly recommend Liz. She is a wonderful career coach and her approach is very practical and insightful.”

Tara P.


"Liz is one of the most insightful people I have met and I always leave our coaching conversations with a new question and a new approach. Liz reframes the issue (something I always thought I was pretty darn good at) but she is a pro!

I wholeheartedly recommend Liz. And in fact, already have.

For me, the mental fitness work specifically labeling and calling out the judges and saboteurs has helped me identify them better in myself, and in others enabling me to help them better. Paying it forward.

Thank you Liz!"

E.S., Real Estate Executive

"The biggest impact PQ has had on my life was in realizing what was causing my fears, stress and unhappiness. The timing was perfect as I was at a low point in my life. The weekly coaching from Liz was a comfortable and safe place to reveal my innermost fears. Liz was caring and comforting as we navigated my issues.

Since I have started the program there has been a nice shift in my life, work and relationships. It's a work in progress and with Liz's knowledge, guidance and care I now have a toolbox full of tools to take on life's challenges. Some of my most tenuous relationships have changed dramatically and some clients have remarked on a change in me.

I highly recommend Liz as a leader and a coach! "

~ Nina

"This program provided me with the language to help sort and identify a lot of the narratives that I was thinking, sometimes subconsciously, many of which were negative and untrue.

The most powerful aspect for me was being able to identify my "Judge" in my everyday thoughts, and doing so has made me much less critical of myself. I am still able to discern if there are areas in which I can improve, but I am able to dissprove the narrative that tells me that I'm stupid/worthless/etc because of a mistake I've made.

In combination with therapy and this program, I have been able to stop my cycles of depression and feel much happier and focused in my day to day."

Evan M., NeuroFlow, Account Manager 

" A friend who is always "in-the-know" about the latest wellness trends recommended PQ to me and I became deeply intrigued to learn more about the method that promises to help get control over negative thoughts and reactions through scientifically proven practices. And, I loved it.

The PQ framework gives useful tools to intercept negative thoughts/reactions and replace them with more empathetic/creative responses. This system gives easy to use practices (sort of like meditation but different), the app sends daily reminders, and the pod members support each other in their growth. I was initially dreading the weekly pod calls, but actually came to look forward to them. We were all so different and hearing how others are making progress was very inspiring.

I have intellectually known for years that taking a pause and intercepting a negative trigger is the neuro-scientifically proven best way to communicate, but even if I knew it, I never could do it. I didn't have the tools. With the PQ gym and the theory behind it, I honestly believe that my brain has created new neural pathways. I have since gained insights into my relationships with family members, which really improved the way we interact. I also feel more calm and focused, less distracted by my "saboteurs".

Working with Liz was great. With her questions she managed to dig deeper into underlying feelings/obstacles. Uncovering these helped me reach the program objectives of improved wellbeing and performance. Having Liz coach us through the process made all the difference and she helped us generate real shifts in perspective and behavior."

J.S., Senior Director 

“The program overall was incredibly helpful. I feel more mentally resilient at a point in my life where I need these approaches more than ever.

I am taking away a lot of tools to help better deal with and manage adversity, conflict and challenges in my life. I have a better understanding of myself and why certain people and situations are difficult for me, as well as how to handle myself in those challenges.

I've reflected a lot on my desire to please others in particular, and how that is often emotionally damaging for me. I've been able to think more clearly about what I want and what is important for my own values and goals, and to better make decisions that align with those.”

Kate R, Vice President

"This mental fitness program changed my life. 

Initially I was intrigued by the program because the psychology and coaching aspect aligned with my HR career and educational interests. Never did I think it would have such a profound impact on my own emotional well-being. The program provides a roadmap and practical application to managing negative thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns all based on research.

Liz did an excellent job at explaining the concepts in the program. She kept our small group accountable and cultivated a safe space for us to share our thoughts and questions. Her one-on-one coaching sessions were extremely effective at taking the concepts and applying them to specific situations in my life. Her passion for helping others to become the best versions of themselves is clear and showed up throughout the program. 

Do yourself (and those around you) a favor and take this program with Liz!​"

HR Professional 

and Grad Student

"Liz Weiner has done a terrific job for me as my coach in the Mental Fitness program! From her program introduction to our weekly coaching sessions I knew from the very start that she was there for me and her mission was to help me get the most out of this work.

The mental fitness program has already changed my life in a very positive way. It’s opened my eyes to the concepts of the Saboteurs and the Sage and how the Saboteurs have been lying to me and undermining me - & my peace and happiness - for most of my life.

I recommend this program to others – it provides an operating system for continual self-development and maintenance. Having these tools gives me comfort that I always have them available to me when challenging situations arise. We all have Saboteurs of some type whose mission is to undermine our happiness. The Mental Fitness program has given me belief that I can win the battle with my Saboteurs and believe in myself as I have not been able to do before.

This mental fitness program is amazing and Liz is a true professional."




"Liz is very effective at helping participants in her Mental Fitness Builder program get the most out of the experience. Positive Intelligence is a terrific app, and Liz's thoughtful coaching input and support has made the experience much more worthwhile. 

I highly recommend Liz as your Mental Fitness coach if you are seeking lasting methods for maintaining and elevating your positive mindset. I met my goal of learning new methods for approaching challenging times. 

I look forward to Liz leading Mental Fitness at my company."

Susan I. 



"Liz ​helps business owners sharpen their networking skills among many of her other sole proprietor power tools.

I met Liz during the networking session before a women’s leadership conference. Being an introvert, I didn’t have the opportunity to develop ​very strong networking skills. Liz helped me to get myself out​ to many more networking events and to carry on conversations with other business owners and potential clients. 

I highly recommend Liz as someone who can help you either develop or sharpen your business development skills. She helped me learn how to help my business! She is a terrific cheerleader, guide, coach and mentor."

Lynn H.

Creative Director


"In the search for the next chapter of my professional career, Liz was instrumental in helping make life decisions starting with who, what, where and why. The process started early on.

Liz helped me to step back and look at the basic essential components regarding my personal and professional wellbeing - Reevaluating not just a professional career in general, but what was important to me. She guided the process by helping me to answer what I truly wanted to do which forced me to reevaluate. This allowed other opportunities to open up where I thought none existed.

I received several offers! Working with Liz during negotiations for my new role I felt empowered. She is very professional in the process of negotiation, knows the ins and outs and takes it step-by-step.

Liz was instrumental in my whole process. The resultant outcome was more than I imagined. I am extremely grateful and elated knowing I have made the right decisions that could only have been achieved with Liz Weiner’s personalized experience and care."

Janet C.

Studio Director


"I’ve had many invaluable A-ha! & breakthrough moments working with Liz. These "moments" have helped me take action to make positive changes!

When I get stuck and can’t connect the dots Liz asks well thought out questions to help me see how it’s all connected - both short and long term.

Her unique ability to listen and ask the right questions makes me dig deep. Talking it through with Liz helps me find the answers on my own."

Michele B.

Accessory Sales

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